Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

SEO of your website in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo ...) is an essential action to develop its visibility on the internet. However, it takes time and patience for effective SEO, especially in a highly competitive market.


Optimizations are performed both in the structure of the site (source code), in content integrated into the site (text, images, videos, hyperlinks, etc.) and also through various actions (backlinks) to carry on peer networking websites, social media, forums or via online directories.

A well done site must incorporate the main SEO optimizations for the initiation phase of the website structure, namely the configuration of the metatags that are specific tags indicating to the search engines what the page content to display. Rewriting URLs that consist rewriting dynamic URLs all in an optimized manner site or prioritization of content through the use of HR tags that will allow robots search engines to read the content of an order by page matter (title, subtitle, content, etc.) are also included. And the list goes on ...


It is important to note that Google strongly favors the recency of the content posted on the site. This lever thus requires to regularly update the content of your website to an efficient and sustainable SEO. SEO is an action of web marketing that fits over the long term.

Therefore Uteek Digital accompanies you daily through the integration and optimization of content on your website, by positioning reporting preparation for your strategic keywords, analyzing your main competitors search engines but also by carrying out studies on the impact of your online website traffic and e-business generated based on the actions taken to expand your visibility on search engines.