Mobile Marketing

The Mobile Marketing

The mobile has become in recent years the essential communication mean for advertisers and companies placing more and more, the mobile center of their digital strategy. They can leverage the phenomenon to attract the interest of these new mobile and constantly connected consumers. We are witnessing an explosion of video views, use of applications and attendance of social networking sites for these mobile devices. 

  • Develop its brand with innovation
  • Win new customers,
  • Generate additional revenue,
  • Keeping your existing customers.

Note that smartphones are a platform by which advertisers can easily come into close contact. Users are much more attracted to mobile advertising because of the reduced screen size (screen). Smartphone owners accept the majority (59%) receive messages according to their geographical position, and 47% of users have searched on their smartphone after seeing an ad offline.

Today, not taking into account a specific mobile strategy is to basically cutting at least 10 to 20% of volume, 30% at the end of the year and certainly 50% in the coming years!


It is important to allow the consumer to contact a company directly from their smartphone, as phone numbers appear in mobile search results to make the most of the opportunities of location-based services.

With hyper geolocation of the user, by offering suitable offers to the place where it is located. Indeed, 59% of mobile users agree today to receive notifications geotagged for marketing purposes

The establishment of a specific mobile tracking will allow you to accurately measure the changes made to your website. The possibilities are endless and we ask to be proactive and very creative in imagined scenarios. So the anticipation is a key stage in your mobile campaign to control the better your return on investment (ROI).