Display and RTB

The Display

The distribution of your display campaigns is achieved by the purchase of advertising space available on the media sites and centralized on that index Adexchanges inventories.

Broadcast media used are static or animated display banners that we make for you according to your marketing messages and brand universe..


The RTB is the real-time bidding or bid in real time.

This is the model of purchasing new generation of advertising spaces and trendy. It is based on the same principle as Google Adwords campaigns (SEM). These campaigns are based on programmatic buying in real time (ms) to qualified audiences wagered at auction. If your budget is best placed at time T, the audience will be won and your ad will be posted on the website concerned.

The RTB mix the data and the media, the UTRA-targeting is possible with a very sharp refining individuals that we want to reach: Reading medium, behavioral data, navigation data, geolocation, etc.

Technology accessible to printing costs much lower than traditional levers. To say that 100% of impressions purchased are useful. It is based on a model 100% performance (CPA / CPC) for even better controlled budgets, and more manageable ROI