Affiliation and media performance


The Affiliation is the best performance marketing evaluator. Everything depends on the broadcast network and its economic model based on pay per lead. As an Advertiser, you only pay what a site generates you: clicks, registrations, sales on your website, contact forms, online quotes, application downloads, etc.

The Affiliate uses several methods of web and mobile distribution:

  1. emailing
  2. The display (banners, links)
  3. emulators
  4. comparator
  5. The website under
  6. The retargeting
  7. Etc.

These broadcast levers are many and varied, and can be activated on a wide network of publisher sites (affiliates) registered in your Affiliate program. These sites are sorted and selected according to their affinity with your target market, to guarantee quality leads delivery.

The Affiliate is a good way to easily and quickly generate the volume of leads for your business.

Create an income with your INTERNET TRAFFIC

As a publisher, you can easily create an income using your audience. Submit your advertising space available on your website, or use your email database to generate additional advertising revenues.

Using a reliable advertising agencies in their fields, which lends credibility to further your professional image online. You can select and broadcast advertisements in several industries such as Banking, Insurance, Finance, Beauty and Health, Automotive, Shopping, Hotels / Leisure, the Encounter, etc.

Uteek Digital helps you optimize your ad spaces to get the best conversion performance, and thus guarantee a certain profitability of your program.