E-Ccommerce website


E-commerce means "electronic commerce" this term means selling the product online or BTOB BTOC. With the e-commerce site, you can create a real shop on the web. This technology allows your customers to see your catalog and acquire one or more of your products in a few clicks.


Your pages are optimized to meet ergonomic standards. These should create a major attraction and bring potential customers to extend their stay and spend the control tunnel. A product, allows you to provide a detailed description of your products including the addition of photos and / or videos. The Shopping cart, like a shopping cart, includes all products chosen by the customer. He can remove, edit or add products at will.

EXPAND your clients
This system can significantly expand your customer target. In fact, it allows you to override the geographical obstacle. Thus, customers worldwide will be able to visit your store and buy your products.

Your e-commerce website has the ability to offer different modes of transport. So you can offer your customers receive their products in them-to recover the shop or through relay points ... You can set the price and the management rules accompanying each delivery method.

Finally, you can offer several methods of payment to your customers. Paypal, Atos, Ogone or another online secure payment system are some of the different modes of regulation. This will make it easy to track your dashboard (orders, customers abandoned carts ...) with confidence with our solutions at the cutting edge of technology.


An e-commerce site also offers a set of tools for customer retention through the implementation of promotional and discounts campaign or even prizes. With a high capacity of virtualising the different levers of the digital ecosystem, Uteek Digital can help you reach a large number of customers in a very short time.

The customer can also create an account to make payment of the order or save the shopping cart for later purchase. By a simple procedure, it is thus saved in your customer database and can be found, if you wish, the list of products he has selected during his last visit.

Through the identification, a control interface is available to the client. This interface allows a follow up of the selling process, and the shipping status.


Uteek Digital has the ability to implement its automated web platform that helps you in your online marketing strategy.

Examples of modules that can assist you in everyday life :

  • A stock management module will alert you when a product reaches a minimum of copies (number that you set beforehand).
  • A product management module that you can add, change or delete a product.
  • Order status will provide you with careful monitoring and will indicate potential litigation.
  • A loyalty module that will assist you in creating your campaigns.

Many other features exist and can be integrated as needed.