Application IOS

Apple is one of the major players in the smartphone sales boom. It is considered a revolution and became an essential platform for your business strategy.

An application is a software application developed for smartphones. Through it you can communicate with mobile users in the manner of a website and geo-locate the user to adapt the information to its geographical position.

An iPhone app has advantages over mobile website. Indeed, after its download from the Apple portal, it allows immediate use of the application without offline. The user can find, then, on the Home screen of his iPhone a shortcut to the application.

Moreover, being developed using native code of the operating system, your app can use the functionality of the iPhone without any problems. The application will run directly into the unit's environment and ensure the best performance, including older versions.

Native apps also help generate notifications called "PUSH" very simply. This is message that your application sends to the user, even as the application is not started. These notifications are highly appreciated by mobile users.

Finally, a native application often provides a better experience for the mobile user. The interface is fully adapted to the device and makes navigation intuitive.

From a business perspective, the mobile application can offer versions "freemium". These trial versions offer limited functionality or with a limited usage time. You can thus attract mobile users and then offer them to pay for wider use.


iOS (iPhone OS) is the name of the operating system developed by Apple. It is installed by default on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

iOS is only for devices of the Apple brand unlike other operating systems (Android, Windows Phone).

An application under iOS developed using the "Objective C" language.


The AppStore is the download portal with all iPhone applications, sorted by themes. The user must navigate this portal if he wishes to install an application on his iPhone. The AppStore allows users to assign grades and view or write reviews on each application.A ranking of applications is available, thus ensuring a very high visibility for your application. There is also a search engine to find an app by name.

In order to submit an application on the AppStore, your application must be approved by the AppStore admin. Once you purchase an annual license, you can submit your application to the Apple team. If your application comply with the specifications,, it will be validated. Subsequently, during the marketing of your application, Apple charges a 30% commission on revenues from sales you have made on the AppStore.