Application HTML5

With the arrival of the new version of HTML computer language , a new solution has emerged to develop a mobile application. Indeed , thanks to new features and high performance of HTML5, it is now possible to offer users an almost identical experience than with native applications : they are called the " web app " or " hybrid applications ."

An HTML5 mobile application is an application developed using the HTML5 and CSS3 web languages . Run on browsers , these technologies can reproduce so very similar user interface of a native application. It also appoints the hybrid applications because they combine the use of the web language and the native language of the phone in order to use the best features of the device.


HTML5 mobile applications have certain advantages that make a lot about them in the field of computing. Indeed, hybrid applications are compatible with most mobile and recent tablets. The only prerequisite is to have a browser with HTML5 technology installed on its support. This allows a substantial gain since it is sufficient to develop a single application instead of developing for iOS and another for Android, a third Windows Phone etc.

In addition, maintenance and development of the application required to work on a single application. It also offers a substantial financial gain and control of product impact.

Finally, the updates are not performed at the user's initiative. You can make a correction or an update to your application instantly and transparently. So, no need to wait the next update to fix bugs or provide additional features.


Of course, like all solutions, the use of HTML5 applications is subject to certain constraints. Indeed, they are still struggling to use all the native features of the phones are not compatible with older phones which do not have a modern browser.

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